Episode 1: How to Create an Outstanding Buyer Experience - Stan Massueras (VP EMEA at Lattice)

Stan Massueras, Lattice's VP EMEA (previsouly at Intercom and Twitter), shares valuable insights on creating an outstanding buying experience and the evolution of sales strategies in tech.

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In the ever-evolving landscape of B2B sales, creating a seamless buying experience has become a top priority. Stan Massueras, delved into the strategies that have proven most effective in achieving this goal.

Understanding your Buyer’s Journey as a Product

Stan emphasizes the importance of viewing the buying experience as a product in itself. He urges sales professionals to make abstraction of operational setups and sales funnels, focusing solely on the prospect and every touchpoint in between. The current SaaS sales experience, often forces buyers through a disjointed funnel convenient for sellers, disrupting the natural flow of a customer’s journey.

The Shift Towards Human-to-Human Selling

While product-led growth has been a buzzword, Stan argues that only a fraction of companies truly harness its potential. He stresses the need to sell “human to human” in the current environment, where email responses are declining, webinar fatigue is prevalent, and regulations are tightening. Stan shares how Lattice is achieving this by fostering face-to-face interactions with customers, breaking away from the trend of solely relying on digital communication.

Case Studies in Personalized Approaches

Stan offers real-world examples of personalized approaches enhancing the buying experience. At Lattice, the introduction of “Latest Live Stream” – a short, engaging, and interactive session – has proven successful. This approach allows potential buyers to experience the product in a low-commitment setting, breaking away from traditional, time-consuming onboarding processes.At Intercom, a self-serve funnel was optimized using personalized videos triggered by specific actions during the free trial period. This tailored approach increased user engagement and conversion rates, showcasing the power of adapting to individual buyer needs.

Adapting to Evolving Customer Expectations

Adapting to customer expectations requires understanding not just the ideal customer profile but also the persona behind it. Stan highlights the necessity of tailoring the sales motion to the day-to-day challenges and needs of buyers. He shares an anecdote, emphasizing that adapting the sales strategy to match the buyer’s persona is crucial for success.

Tips for a Successful Digital Sales Room

Closing the discussion, Stan shares the importance of a mutual action plan within a digital sales room. Having a clear timeline and understanding of responsibilities ensures accountability and a smoother buying process. Additionally, he stressed the significance of readily available documentation, such as GDPR compliance and certifications, to address potential concerns during the procurement phase.In conclusion, Stan Masueras highlights insights that resonate with the changing dynamics of B2B sales. By adopting a buyer-centric, human-to-human approach and leveraging personalized strategies, businesses can create outstanding buying experiences that set them apart in today’s competitive landscape.

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