Create an engaging and repeatable sales cycle to super-train your team

Frame your sales cycle
and make your playbook actionable

Standardize customer facing content with templates

  • Build workspace and mutual close plan templates based on segment, industry to save time on followups.
  • Create a content library (product demo, security, data, company...) to ensure that shared content is always up-to-date.
  • Make the onboarding of new comers faster by applying playbook principles in operations.

Keep an eye on the progress of the pipeline deals

  • Make your deals review sessions much more effective with concrete data and brings more precision to your forecast.
  • Get real-time access to the discussions between the rep and the prospect.
  • Quickly involve internal resources (SE, legal, finance...) to help your rep move the deal forward.

Analyzes best practices of top performers

  • What are the top performers doing to liven up the off times? Which templates have the best results?
  • Spreads good practices within the team and shortens the feedback loop.
  • Feed the marketing and enablement teams with the best performing content and templates to produce the next ones.
Ready to improve your sales cycle time and your win rate?

They choose

Sales cycles are now simpler, more collaborative, our customers like that we are transparent and that they can live a more self-service buying experience.
Sales Manager @ Aircall
The use of has been transformative in the way we sell!
We have already won strategic deals where our prospects have told us that the Topo experience was a significant factor in their decision.
It's a no brainer!
Sales Director @ Wizville
We have been using for the past few months in our deals.
It has made our sales process more repeatable and creates a wow effect with our prospects.
It is a game changer in our sales process!
Co-founder & CEO @ Modjo


Close deals
& onboard clients much faster!

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