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"Best Buyer Engagement Platform"

→ We're not the one saying it. Hundreds of sales executives are experiencing the benefits of leveraging a buyer engagement platform, like Topo.

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Best buyer engagement platform

I have tried many sales enablement tools, but most of them end up consuming a significant portion of my day without delivering the desired results of moving more leads through the sales funnel. However, Topo stands out from the rest by enabling me to close deals more efficiently, and faster, saving valuable time in the process.

Martin D.

Get ahead of the competition

As an AE, Topo helps in managing and streamlining my workflow. I appreciate how easy it is to create and share a personalized digital sales room with each client. This allowed me to personalize the buying journey for each buyer, and it also enables effective tracking of their activities in the workspace. The mutual action plan feature is also interesting, it fosters collaboration and transparency. Overall, Topo has significantly enhanced my sales game, and I can’t imagine going back to the old ways!

Guillermo A.

Focus on impactful deals

It helps me quickly identify serious buyers, I can see if they are actively engaging and if they’ve invited other stakeholders. It saves me valuable time by allowing me to focus on deals with a higher likelihood of closing. No more wasting time on prospects who are just curious.

David C.

Accelerate sales velocity

It shortens my sales cycle massively. Topo ensures no more long, winding conversations, or chasing leads that are non-committal. I get to focus on closing deals and making sales quicker than ever.

Grégoire C.

Speeding up my sales cycle

Topo speeds up my sales cycle. Everything I need is accessible in one place, enabling me to stay organized and focused on closing deals faster. So in terms of productivity and organization, it has transformed the way I work. I actually signed a big deal lately and I'm sure I would have been much more complex if Topo wasn't here to give visibility to all my prospects in the same time.

Thomas D.

Boosting win rates like never before

With Topo, we’ve seen our win rates climb and our deals close quicker. It’s the tool that’s brought a real change. Our engagement with prospects is now more meaningful, we can share docs, discuss next steps, all in one place. Topo has totally redefined how we do sales.

Chalom M.

Strategize, Execute, Win

Best sales tool to stand out from the competition in our post-demo process. The Salesforce integration is great and easy to set up. I highly recommend Topo.

Théa F.

How to get the "Waouh effect" after a demo

A smarter way to manage your deals; forget about emails and having to send the same attachments 5 times... Prospects love receiving a Topo, and they actually let you know. They also interact more with the content you share. It's easy to use, actually faster than sending an email, and will boost your prospects' engagement during the sales cycle. I can't think of any other tool that has changed how we close deals like this!

Emilien C.

Boosting my win rate with ease

I love how Topo is giving me a win rate boost. The digital sales room brings everything together in one place. It's practical and it seriously helps me to close deals more effectively.

Bastien M.

Simplifying the buyer’s decision process

Buyer engagement has never been easier with Topo’s digital sales rooms. I can set up mutual action plans and resources my prospects need to reach a ‘yes’, all in one link. In the end, it is not just me who sells to them, but them who see the value and buy into it.

Gautier B.

Action plans that really work!

Creating mutual action plan is a breeze with Topo. Their digital sales room lets me work with my prospects, not just for them. We collaborate, create plans, and make decisions together. It's not a sales pitch, it's a partnership!

Steve G.

My secret weapon to empower my champion

Topo is transforming the way I do sales. With its digital sales room, I have a centralized, interactive platform for engaging prospects, making mutual close plans, and closing deals. It’s not just another sales tool, it’s a game-changer in the way I work.

Thibault P.

Making it easier for buyers to say yes

It supercharges my prospect engagement. The digital sales room makes it personal and interactive. I’m not just talking at them, I’m engaging with them. It drives better relationships and more successful sales

Bastien S.

A must-have for Account Executives

Topo has really helped streamline our B2B sales process. Before, it felt like we were swimming in a sea of emails, calls, and files. But now with Topo, we’ve got a digital sales room where we collaborate, create our mutual action plans, and plot the next moves. The platform is also really user-friendly. If you’re dealing with sales cycles longer than a month, you’ll appreciate what Topo can do.

Camille B.

Effortless management of client relationships

For someone who has been in sales for a long time, it's been quite an experience to see how Topo has impacted the way I work. It's impressive how the shared workspace streamlines processes and organizes everything neatly in one place. This isn't just a tool, but a reliable companion in my sales journey, handling the heavy lifting, so I can concentrate on forging stronger connections with my customers.

Antoine L.


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